Product Roadmap

Jinko Ai Product Roadmap

Q1 2024:

Q2 2024:

Jinko Node Staking: Contribute to Jinko Computing Power to support the Jinko Computing Network on GPU power renting and running as a node on other deep networks such as Bittensor, Render Network,, OORT, FLUX, and IEXEC.

Launch of 2D to 3D Conversion: Convert 2D avatars into 3D virtual human characters.

Train Your AI: Train your own AI or LLM (Language Learning Model) with Jinko's tools and earn rewards based on the performance and effectiveness of your trained models.

Jinko Airdrop Campaign Season 2: Continuing the airdrop campaign to distribute tokens and increase user engagement.

Q3 2024:

Jinko Compute Marketplace: A place for instant, permissionless access to a global network of GPUs and CPUs.

Jinko Airdrop Campaign Season 3: Further distribution of tokens to foster community growth and engagement.

Q4 2024:

Jinko Storage: Launch of a decentralized object storage service offering secure data storage and retrieval anytime, anywhere.

Jinko Airdrop Campaign Season 4: Concluding the year with another round of token distribution to incentivize community participation and support.

"Roadmap subject to change as we progress. Stay tuned for updates as we shape the future of AI together. Your support is invaluable."

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