Jinko AI

Product Roadmap

Jinko Ai Product Roadmap
November (Early): Listing & TGE
  • We kick off our journey with the CEX listing and Token Generation Event (TGE). This marks the official start of the Jinko ecosystem.
November (Mid): iNFT Pass Airdrop
  • As a token of appreciation, we airdrop iNFT passes to our early supporters. These passes unlock exciting features within our ecosystem.
November (End): iNFT Passes for 2D Ai Avatar Minting
  • iNFT pass holders can now use their passes to mint unique 2D Ai Avatars, setting the stage for personalized AI interactions.
December (Early): Training and Earning with Ai Avatars
  • Your Ai Avatars come to life as they can now be trained for various tasks, opening up opportunities to earn rewards.
December (Mid): Ai Studio Launch
  • Get ready to create captivating Ai Short Videos with custom voices. Our Ai Studio empowers you to craft engaging content effortlessly.
January: 3D Ai Avatars
  • We elevate your Ai Avatars to the next dimension. Convert your 2D avatar into a dynamic 3D avatar through our Avatar customizer.
February: Animation in Ai Studio
  • We're adding a new layer of creativity. Our Ai Studio now supports animation, enabling you to bring your content to life in exciting ways.
"Roadmap subject to change as we progress. Stay tuned for updates as we shape the future of AI together. Your support is invaluable."
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