What is Jinko AI Compute Network

Jinko Node Staking: Empowering the Jinko Computing Network

Welcome to Jinko Node Staking, where you can contribute to Jinko's computing power and support the Jinko Computing Network by renting GPU power and running as a node on various deep networks such as Vast.ai, Render Network, Io.net, Akash Network, Clore.ai, Aethir, and FLUX . In return, the Jinko Computing Network will optimize your yield through an AI-automated system to switch and fill the servicing tasks accordingly.


At Jinko AI, we're passionate about democratizing access to computing power and accelerating AI innovation. Jinko Node Staking allows users like you to actively participate in this mission by staking your Jinko tokens and contributing to the Jinko Computing Network.

What is Jinko Node Staking?

Jinko Node Staking is a decentralized network of computing power, powered by GPU resources contributed by users like you. By staking your Jinko tokens, you can become a node operator on the Jinko Computing Network, renting out your GPU power and running nodes on various deep networks.

Supported Deep Networks

Jinko Node Staking supports a wide range of deep networks, including:

  • Vast.ai

  • Render Network

  • Io.net

  • Akash Network

  • Clore.ai

  • Aethir

  • FLUX

Join Us Today

Ready to be part of the future of computing power? Join us in Jinko Node Staking and contribute to the Jinko Computing Network. Together, we can accelerate AI innovation and build a more decentralized, accessible computing ecosystem.

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