Jinko Airdrop

Jinko’s Airdrop "Unlock token rewards with Jinko Airdrop! Earn points each season through social engagement, ecosystem contributions, and affiliate activities. "

Season 1:

Social Activities:

· Twitter engagement: Follow, retweet, and like Jinko's official tweets.

· Discord engagement: Claim roles, participate in discussions, and complete daily tasks.

· Community engagement: Share Jinko-related content on social media platforms and actively participate in community events.

Ecosystem Contributions:

· Subscribe to Magic Avatar: Utilize the Magic Avatar feature for creating personalized AI avatars.

· AI Video Creation: Produce engaging AI-driven videos using Jinko's AI Studio platform.

· Node Staking: Host a nodes by staking with Jinko Token to contribute as Node Operators.

Affiliate Activities:

· Refer friends and associates to join Jinko and earn 10% of their point earnings.

· Social Sharing: Share referral links on social media platforms and encourage others to join the Jinko community.

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