Token Utility

Phase 1

Access to AI Services: Jinko Token serves as the primary means of accessing and utilizing various services offered by the Jinko AI platform. Users can use Jinko Tokens to unlock purchase features, access content, and utilize advanced tools and functionalities within the platform.

Rewards and Incentives: Jinko Tokens are used to incentivize and reward users for their contributions to the platform. This includes activities such as content creation, engagement with the community, participation in token staking, and more. Users can earn Jinko Tokens as rewards for their valuable contributions, fostering a vibrant and active ecosystem.

Phase 2

Payment for Compute Power Services: Jinko Token serves as the primary currency for accessing Jinko's compute services, providing users with a convenient and efficient method to pay for AI processing, cloud computing, and other computational tasks within the Jinko Network. By utilizing Jinko Token for payments, users benefit from streamlined transactions, global accessibility to compute resources, and the flexibility to tailor services to their specific needs. Moreover, the integration of Jinko Token incentivizes active participation in the network, contributing to its liquidity and value while positioning users to potentially earn rewards within the ecosystem.

Node Staking Rewards: Users can stake Jinko tokens to participate in the node staking program, contributing to the GPU power used to enhance Jinko's AI development and usage. By staking tokens for a specified period, users contribute GPU resources to the network, which in turn supports the training and deployment of AI models. In return for their contribution, stakers receive rewards in the form of additional Jinko tokens. The longer the staking period and the higher the tier, the greater the rewards users can earn. This mechanism ensures the availability of sufficient GPU power to support Jinko's AI development efforts and accelerates the platform's growth.

Airdrop Campaigns: Jinko tokens will also be distributed through airdrop campaigns to reward users for their engagement and participation in the ecosystem. Airdrop campaigns help increase token distribution, promote community involvement, and incentivize users to contribute to the platform's growth, including participating in the node staking program.

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