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Private Sales & PreSales

Private Sales (PS1 and PS2)

Welcome to Jinko's Private Sales! Here, we are offering exclusive opportunities for early investors to become a part of our exciting journey. We have divided our Private Sales into two schedules, PS1 and PS2, each with its own unique benefits.

PS1 (Private Sales 1)

  • Date: 2nd October 2023, 10AM GMT - 5th October 2023, 10AM GMT
  • Token For Sales: 7,500,000 JINKO
  • Percentage Offered: 1.5% of the total token supply
  • Token Price: $0.02 USD per token
PS1 provides early investors with the chance to secure Jinko tokens at an attractive rate of $0.02 USD per token. By participating in PS1, you'll be part of the core community that supports Jinko's growth from the very beginning.

PS2 (Private Sales 2)

  • Date: 6th October 2023, 10AM GMT - 20th October 2023, 10AM GMT
  • Token For Sales: 21,250,000 JINKO
  • Percentage Offered: 4.25% of the total token supply
  • Token Price: $0.04 USD per token
For those seeking a premium investment opportunity, PS2 offers an allocation of Jinko tokens at a price of $0.04 USD per token. By participating in PS2, you'll gain access to exclusive benefits and rewards as a valued early investor.
TGE is expected to happen one week after the completion of PS2.
The number of private sales rounds and the supply allocation for each round may be adjusted based on actual sales performance to ensure fairness and accessibility for all participants.

Why Join Jinko's Private Sales?

  • Exclusive Investment: Private Sales offer a unique opportunity to become an early investor and secure Jinko tokens before they are available to the public.
  • Discounted Token Price: By participating in PS1 or PS2, you can purchase Jinko tokens at a discounted price compared to the public sale.
  • Early Access to Rewards: Investors in Private Sales will have early access to rewards, benefits, and special privileges as part of the growing Jinko community.
  • Supporting Jinko's Vision: By joining our Private Sales, you become an integral part of our mission to revolutionize the industry with innovative blockchain solutions.
Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to be part of the Jinko journey! Join our Private Sales now and become a part of the future of blockchain technology.