Jinko AI

AI Store

Jinko's AI Store is a platform to discover various range of AI assets whereby users can purchase virtual appearances, clothing options, and personality pods for their AI avatars or virtual entities. This store provides a convenient and accessible way for individuals or businesses to customize and enhance the visual appearance, attire, and behavioral traits of their AI avatars. Users can enjoy this immersive experience by creating and engaging dynamic interactions with your AI avatars.
  • Virtual Appearances: The AI store offers a wide selection of virtual appearances or visual styles for AI avatars. Users can browse through different character designs, themes, or aesthetics to find the appearance that best suits their preferences or aligns with their brand identity.
  • Clothing Option: Provides an assortment of virtual clothing options for users to dress up their AI avatars. This can include a variety of outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and other customizable elements that allow users to personalize the appearance of their AI avatars to suit specific contexts or desired looks.
  • Personality Pods: Personality pods are collections of behavioral traits, mannerisms, or communication styles that can be applied to AI avatars.